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Want your web pages to exhibit uniqueness and unmatched brilliance of creativity? SEO Impacts is here to help with its top-of-the-line website development and design services.

With highly qualified personnel on board, we have proved to be one of the best web design and development agency in New York. Whether you want to develop your website or promote it among your audience, SEO Impacts brings together creative minds to make your web pages sleek and marketable in order to give your business the best online representation.

Not only do we ensure that your website remains an aesthetic combination of pretty pictures and nice colors, but we also make it technically precise. Our designers and developers use the best of their skills and develop masterpieces.

Professional Web Development Services in New York

SEO Impacts is the name you can trust for all your digital marketing needs. In the start, we were just a few people trying to make an impact in the world of IT. The direction was right, which allowed us to expand our domain and add more to what we offer to our valuable clients, including web development and design services in NYC.

Our professionals put all their efforts into providing first-rate services to our customers. They are gurus at work who know how to create precisely balanced and technically astute web pages to help our clients gain a decisive edge over their competitors.

Technologies We Use

We, at SEO Impacts, handle advanced web development and design projects with unparalleled prowess. Our team of experts benefits from their extensive knowledge and vast experience to develop complex web applications skillfully. From small-sized pages to wider-ranged projects, we ensure the highest quality in our web applications.


WordPress is an incredibly user-friendly Content Management System that allows even a layman to create a simple website. But this very feature makes it super-challenging for a website to stand out among other WordPress-created sites. But with the right skill, you can make your website a technically astute piece of art on the internet. This is where SEO Impacts comes in. Our WordPress developers create websites that give you the best representation online.


Are you a merchant looking for the right platform to run your business and earn revenue? Shopify may be the answer to your questions. With this complete e-commerce platform, you can build, run, and manage your online store and reach out to the right audience with ease. At SEO Impacts, we help you get started with your Shopify store. We use the most appropriate themes and incorporate the best third-party components into your store. Our custom Shopify websites add more functionality to your stores and cater to all your e-commerce needs.

Custom Web Development

The problem with cookie-cutter web development solutions is that they lack functionality. When incorporated into a business, these solutions can end up impacting the workflow. Thankfully, our web developers have extensive knowledge and years of experience creating custom web solutions to help businesses meet their digital marketing requirements. So, whatever your idea is, you can bring it forward, and we will turn it into a reality.

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Emphasis On User-Friendly Website Design

At SEO Impacts, we create websites with the perfect design to give your business the visual representation it needs. Our focus is to bring the best of your brand into the spotlight and up the level of your business marketing. We create user-friendly designs that improve user engagement and boost conversion.

 Not only are our web designs aesthetically pleasing, but they also benefit your SEO. The elements we use during the designing process do not hinder search engine bots, allowing your website to get indexed seamlessly. Yet, those designs are intricate as per your requirements.

Responsive Web Design Services in New York

A responsive web design takes the hard work of developing pages for different screen sizes out of the process and, instead, uses one page. This page conforms to all screen sizes by adjusting its elements in a proper symmetry of the page layout. Our highly proficient web developers and designers use responsive web designs to develop web applications that help you reach out to a broader audience.

At SEO Impacts, we use different services related to responsive web designs, such as:

  • Application development using responsive layouts
  • User Interface development for different devices
  • Converting fixed layout web applications into responsive applications
  • Providing consultation for effective responsive web design implementation

Web Development Life Cycle

At SEO Impacts, we follow a well-formulated set of protocols to ensure consistency and completeness of every development project. Every project is passed through a web development life cycle, which encompasses the following components.

Research and Analysis

Research and development play a crucial role in the web development process. When our experts are handed over a project, the first thing they do is gather as much information as possible. This is to get a clear idea of what they would be working for, what requirements must be fulfilled, and what priorities should be set. This step is where the entire project is visualized.

Planning and Strategy

The planning and strategy phase involves strategizing all aspects of the website, such as the design, development, content creation, and marketing plan. This step heavily depends on the information gathered during the previous phase.

Designing and Wireframing

This stage of website development involves layout designing and dealing with UI/UX.

A layout is a rough sketch of your website, and its primary purpose is to demonstrate the information structure.

Wireframing involves working on the website’s design elements, including tabs, menus, buttons, color themes, dashboards, graphics, and typography.

Content Creation

Once the layout is ready and all other design elements are appropriately planned, the mantle of authority is put on the shoulders of the content creation team. Content is what allows you to communicate with your audience. Without this feature, your website will have nothing to communicate, and all those fancy designs will serve no purpose.

Not only does content give information about your company and services, but it also includes call-to-actions and information about offers that bring quick leads.

Code and Development

Development is when everything discussed above is put together so that it becomes a functional part of the website. This process involves the following steps:

  • Front-End Development: This step involves integrating components and functions into the website’s fundamental structure using development tools and frameworks. The site’s interface is created using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • Back-End Development: During this stage, the actual features of the web application are developed. While front-end development involves creating more of a web interface, back-end web development deals with the website’s server-side functions. This stage typically involves creating a connection between the front-end elements and the database and writing application logic.

Testing and Launch

Once the website has been developed, various tests are run to trace and eliminate any bugs. These tests are generally conducted by the QA teams. Testing methods used in this regard typically include stress testing, unit testing, load testing, and integration testing. The purpose is to check the usability, functionality, performance, and compatibility of the website.

Once the web application is thoroughly tested and approved, it is launched on the web through a hosting service.


Launching the website doesn’t end the web development cycle; the development team must keep an eye on what users think of the new website. Continuous feedback helps the development teams make necessary improvements in the web application. This step holds critical value in a web development life cycle.